I’m from the South Australian River Murray town of Renmark. Rightful land of the Naralte people. At 17, so my dad tells me, I left home and never went back. (You can’t, it’s true.) But I still have the red dust of my hometown in my veins. My homes now are in Adelaide, on Kaurna land, and in Coorong country, on Narrindjeri land. I’m most at home with a dark hot cacao, and anywhere with big sky and wild waters.

I’ve worked as a teacher, television scriptwriter, barista and proofreader. My poetry and fiction appear in Pink Cover Zine, Pure Slush, InDaily, and others. I also write for children.

Lately, I’ve written on themes of femininity and age, and about myths and dialogues surrounding age, beauty and worth.

I photographed some wrinkles:

Photograph by Linda Kohler and Sellicks Beach, South Australia.